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Red made this flyer. She is super talented.

Trigger Warning!

Yup, it’s time for Kelli to record her fourth (yeah fourth!) CD, and she is calling it TRIGGER WARNING.

Because you know, trigger warning for talking about death and other horrible things. Hilarious, but horrible.

For this one night only show, Kelli is teaming up with the also hilarious Red Durkin. There are two shows, and both comics will perform at both shows.

Here are the details:



Friday, October 11th at 8 pm and 10 pm, BOTH COMICS, BOTH SHOWS

Bat Haus Co-Working Space

279 Starr Street,

Brooklyn, New York 11237

Tickets on sale now (we are going to sell out, so please buy in advance) sliding scale starting at 10 bucks and there are a couple of fun options like hilarious VIP options.  And RSVP to our facebook event page and you’ll be kept up to the minute about special promos, contests, etc. We hear a bunch of fans are planning on coming to the shows dressed like situations from Kelli’s or Red’s jokes!

Red made this flyer. She is super talented.

Red made this flyer. She is super talented.


Red Durkin is the kind of comic who can make audiences wince one moment and fall over laughing the next. Kelli Dunham is known for gently edgy humor that can only come from a someone who was a very bad nun turned big huge queer. At these two shows, Red will be recording her first comedy CD and Kelli her fourth.


KELLI DUNHAM is everyone’s favorite ex-nun genderqueer nerd comic. Kelli was one of Velvet Park Magazine’s 25 Significant Queers of 2011 and was named to the 2012 Campus Pride Hotlist. Kelli was also given the The Fresh Fruit Festival Award for Distinction in stand-up comedy, although Kelli has never before or since been called distinguished. Kelli is a registered nurse and the author of five books of humorous non-fiction, including two children’s books being used by Sonlight conservative home schooling association in their science curriculum. Kelli’s fifth book, Freak of Nurture, a collection is humorous essays that none other than lesbian comedy godmother Kate Clinton called “laugh out loud outrageous storytelling” is just out from Topside Press and caused author Barbara Carellas to give Kelli the moniker “the David Sedaris of the genderqueer dyke world”

Kelli has three released three comedy CDs: “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy” “Almost Pretty” and “Why Is the Fat One Always Angry” all which are on regular rotation on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio’s Rawdog Comedy Station and Pandora’s Margaret Cho Comedy Station.

Kelli was recently the expert on “What Is Normal” in Twist Magazine (known as Tiger Beat’s little sister magazine), on a page facing a full color poster of Justin Beiber. There isn’t even a ironic statement to match that, it’s just strangely true.

RED DURKIN is the managing editor of PrettyQueer.com and one the most promising young queer comics in the country. She has toured extensively as part of the Tranny Roadshow, performed at Camp Trans and the Transgender Leadership Summit and was a member of the Fully Functional Cabaret. She has written 9 zines, was featured in the final issue of Punk Planet magazine and Topside Press’s The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard.Her work on Youtube has reach over 100,000 views and has appeared in classrooms and boardrooms nationwide.